We believe that continuity of maternity care centred in the woman’s home and community grows the health and wairua of women, babies and families. We enjoy working together to provide excellent midwifery for the women of Kāpiti from early pregnancy through to 6 weeks after the birth.

  • Nikau Midwives believe childbirth is a normal life event for most women.
  • Mutual sharing of information, decision-making and the building of a trusting relationship has been shown to positively enhance the outcome of the birth experience.
  • Evidence indicates that the midwife is the safest childbirth attendant.
  • Our midwifery practice is based upon continuity of care, the empowerment of the woman, the provision of safe effective care and the application of knowledge, experience, and evidence-based research.
  • The woman and her family shape the midwifery care provided. This may incorporate aspects of intuitive, spiritual and complementary practices.
Nikau Midwives